Simple joy is

Jul 30, 2011

being greeted by my smiley kiddos after a tiring day at work

hearing the sleeping/breathing sound that the kiddos make every night

just able to have my 'Me' time be it that it happens only once a week

having a fruitful weekend spending time with each of them

hearing Keira sharing the stuff she learnt in school

being called 'Mummyyyyyy' by Keira in her sweetest voice

listening to the random babytalk Kerri makes whenever she tries to catch our attention

looking forward whenever hubby comes to pick me up from work

seeing how my parents are all loving making me wish we will be like them when we grow old

having a nice family meal out together

seeing those who are so dear to me are healthy, happy and content

There are so many things in life that I am thankful for.

I love my life now.

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