Aug 26, 2011

The kindest intention can be mistaken as criticism or insult under bad lighting.

I read this at my cousin's blog and I couldn't agree more.

It's not the first time that I have this kind of experiences. I may be a chatty and 'loud' person but most of the time things I said really don't mean much harm. Though some people may not think likewise but that's beyond my control isn't it.

One friend told me perhaps they are jealous of you but I would rather think envy is the word. Jealous is such a strong word that I don't really fancy.

But why should they feel that way in the beginning? Each of us has their own life and fate. We should feel contented with what we have now. Seeing those around me being happy and healthy is all that I ask for.

Maybe they are trying to be competitive but thank you very much. I don't have much ambitious to want to strive to be the best in everything least trying to be ahead all the time. It will be all so tired.

I would rather strike a healthy work-life balance and slowly work towards my own goals and dreams.

I won't aim to turn my goals or dreams into reality overnight. If things don't turn out to what I want in the end, I can't blame anyone but myself. But that aside maybe I can tell myself that at least I tried.

Like the famous quote in Kungfu panda 2, find your inner peace.

Be happy. Be glad.

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Sheena Ang said...

Cheers to inner peace!

Susan said...

totally agreed!!

Phyllis said...