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Aug 13, 2011

Today it seems like I had accomplished a whole lot of thing. And the day got busy the moment Kerri is up right till I could finally relax with Keira while on our way taking the train to town.

Arranged for a demo on a very good vacuum cleaner at home. The sales is too hard sales and the attitude changed quite dramatic once we said we will get back whether to buy the set or not. Big put off even if I want to get one now I would not approach her too.

Then slightly before noon, started the baking session with Ade till late afternoon. My house is smelling chocolatety now and I kind of like it. Except for the cleaning up. Ha.

This morning on the cable tv I came across this guy called Tylor Florence cooking on a show. Those darn steaks that he was cooking were looking absolutely delicious. Went to borders and wanted to get the cooking book but was costing like double of what is selling at amazon. It's annoying that books here are most of the time overpriced. I refused to pay.

But on the other hand, our trip to the library is getting lesser now too. Mainly because Keira will make quite a nuisance of herself by disturbing the rest of the older kids around us.

Now most of the times I will hang out at Borders with Keira whole she's having fun ermm picking books, dumping them on my lap and asked me to read to her. I actually sat down and read the children's book written by Madonna. And it's quite entertaining I have to admit. Ha.

The other night, she actually found her 'Polar bear polar bear, what do you hear?' book under her daddy's stash of jeans and bermudas on the bedside table and read one page to me. Polar bear polar bear, what do you hear?That's the sentence. She must have missed them cause this is the no.1 book in Keira's book list now. Her toilet book too now.

I think I need to find more advance books for her. She's growing out on Eric Carle's books and those that I got back from states.

I should have bought those big books you know when you are in kindergarten and the teacher will use the long retraceable pointer to read out with you. She must have love them. Not sure whether they still do have them now. Those are my favorite parts of my kindergarten days.

How I miss those times when I can hang out at library and bookstores at any free time I had. And I am feeling shameful that I have not dropped by at our local quainty bookstore, Books Actually, once. I really need to visit it someday.

Hubby will be having his whole day lesson at 9am till 6pm and I nearly forgot about that. So ended up I have to do the vacuuming and the mopping all by myself. Double sian-ness.

But oh well I can try out Kerri on the quinny stroller tomorrow when we go for our morning walks. She is like forever in that car seat and now she can finally have a nice front view. She looked so mad adorable when I put her on Keira's umbrella stroller the other day.

Talking about her, she was lying on the changing mat one day when I walked off to grab something and found herself admiring and staring at her very own tiny fingers.

She seems all grown up now really. She might be the calm, sensitive and girly kind of little sweet girl that I have wished Keira will turn out to be. Ha. But the forever loud, fearless and tomboyish is one that anyone would love to have too. How the big contrast in these sisters.

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