Post PE holiday

Aug 29, 2011

I need to confess. I did feel a bit guilty sending Keira to cc though we are both not working today.

We brought Kerri out for lunch today with Eugene and Doris. They are finally back and it really feels great catching up with them.

Had lunch at Lenas and it was pretty good. The choices are far too many to let us make any quick decision. Forgot to take any photos cause midway to lunch, we didn't realized Kerri pooped and she was gotten all cranky and when I changed her out shortly, she fell asleep.

My vongole spaghetti in tomato sauce is delicious and hubby's steak is cooked perfectly. It's hard to get the kind of medium done nicely.

And we chatted for quite a bit before they need to make a move and hubby had an appointment. So Kerri and I were left to roam Nex. Nothing much to shop. Waste of my time there but at least Kerri had a good sleep and was all smiley again when she woke up.

People around us keep cooing at her and commenting how smiley she was. So after hubby's appointment, we went to fetch Keira and she let out a 'eh!' when she saw hubby picking her up which is so rare.

After which, we went home to bath and changed out and headed to sakae for dinner. I bought kerri's formula at watson's and then went to ntuc to get her diapers only to realize they are selling $5 cheaper than watson's. What a bummer!

You know when one become a mother, you will auto switch to Aunty mode and do all the price comparison everywhere u can?

Silly me. Now as I typed this, I still can't get over the $5 that I have spent so unnecessarily. It's just a few minutes difference.

If only I have enough to last, I would have order from online.

Well anyhow, we had quite a busy day today and I can't wait for next sat to come. If hubby is free, I want to go down to h&m!

Excited on the upcoming versace collaboration for autumn collections!

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Susan said...

i m the same too. especially here in america where u got so many discount la & if u dun like can return too. go back sg no more liao. ha...