It's Only Wednesday?

Sep 28, 2011

God knows why I have been feeling so tired for the past few days.

Had another ab blast class yesterday and the aching today really feel good. Usually we can have a pretty good night sleep but yesterday was a madness. Keira for no reason woke up almost every hr from 3am onwards and will cry and ask to be carry out.

The cycle continues till 5.45am I guess. That's why my first snooze went off and I actually was so tired that I slept past the 2nd snooze and woke up at 6.45am.

Rushed like mad and whizzed the girls off the house in less than 20 mins. Kudos to myself. And as expected, I was late for work and to make things worse, things are not any better in the office as well.

Rough day with few major meetings. I already feel like a walking dead now as I am keying this entry.

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