Jewelry craze

Sep 10, 2011

Lately, I have been hit by this craze real hard I mean especially in gold. I have been wearing white gold or silver for the past many years and never really like gold until recent years. Some people may think they look so uncool and 'old' especially for Chinese perhaps. But I personally feel they have this unique touch to jewelry. Of course I am not talking about those traditional heavy gold jewelry that you sees in goldsmith shop. They are definitely not my cup of tea.

Recently, I ordered 1 customized necklace from Stella Salvador. I had Keira and Kerri's name engraved on the gold disc which comes in 2 sizes. Big disc with Keira's name and 1 small disc with Kerri's name. I like the idea on how I can wear them close to my heart. And I have fallen in love with it that I can be seen wearing it everyday now.

And then, I chanced upon Catbird from NYC. Their pieces are gorgeous too! I like how they are not the standard kind of rings that you will see in the shops and they are all handmade. When we were searching for our wedding rings, we practically went to all local goldsmith shops but I do not like any at all as they all seem to be so mass produced. Until we came to this shop which specialize in unique jewelry pieces that we got our pair right on the spot.

Anyway back to Catbird, they have ranges vary from less than hundred to above thousands.

My favorite will be this diamond band but of course this belongs to the higher range.

Can this be my early anniversary gift?

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Stella Salvador said...

Thank you for featuring my jewelry! I'm glad that your piece arrived safely in Singapore. Your blog and your family are both beautiful!
Many thanks,