Keira @ 26 month old

Sep 16, 2011

Her speech is progressing very well. Sometimes I thought I am talking to an adult. I never know a 2 yr old kid can talk like this.

She now knows how to use her preposition quite well and understand better too.

And she grown quite a bit in terms of height and last night when I weighed her. She finally crossed over the 10 mark. She's 11kg now. That's quite an achievement. She can see from how chubby her face is and her double chin is getting so obvious.

And another major improvement. Her school run is no longer a dreadful one and she don't cry now. It took her about 3 months or so to get use to it.

Her Chinese vocab are growing and she like to name the objects she see now with colors attach to them.

She's into cooking and taking care of her doll now. Maybe she will turn out to be a great mum in future.

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