Cheers to the number 33

Oct 26, 2011

We had a wonderful time over the weekend which extended to Monday. Stayed at MBS and was greeted with a spectacular view from the balcony.

We celebrated hubby's 33rd birthday there and everyone was really just having a good time. Keira was so excited then she still couldn't get to sleep near 11pm which is very unusual.

Had the birthday dinner at Jin Shan restaurant with mum, baby brother and us. Dad didn't joined as he had something on which didn't fulfilled in the end. How disappointing. Invited bro and family along but they couldn't make it as well.

After the dinner, we got ourselves a complimentary birthday cake from Sweet Spot and had it in the hotel room before we proceeded to Skypark for some nightviewing. Boy must I say that the view at 57th level was breathtaking.

I got him a Sunto divecomp for his present which he will be frequently using for his occassional dive trips without the hassle of renting one. In bright yellow of course.

The next morning, we took Keira up to Skypark for a swim and I couldn't fit myself nicely into my swimming suit that I only managed to find out the night before. So it's a pity I gave the dip a miss.

Keira was simply enjoying herself practically. She already had a few exceptions throughout the stay like digging into cake at 9pm, having a soak in the bathtub with me at 10pm for almost half an hr and sleeping close to midnight with drinking bubble tea and munching on Koko Krunch while shopping around.

Later in the night, we met up with my side of family and had dinner at Melben Seafood though I actually find the crab noodles in soup a bit buttery. And this is the perfect ending to our small little getaway for Hubby's 33rd birthday.

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