Exactly 1 yr & 3 months later....

Oct 16, 2011

We decided to give the house a little makeover. It's time I should say.

The yellow walls in the hall. I cannot tell you how I am sick of them now. Especially with those uneven patches.

The super boring beige walls in the common bathroom that you can already feel sleepy when you haven't even enter it.

The sofa needs to go. BADLY.

The bedroom doors are still okay but we are thinking of changing it into more solid ones. They slam easily whenever we have strong winds blowing into the house.

The main gate perhaps can do with a change of the grill.

The girls' room. It will be either french-inspired or american-inspired. I am considering to build a customized wardrobe for them. I think the odd shape in the room is giving us quite a headache. Customization will be a good idea. Well, let's see.

A corner for myself in the study room. To put my long bought sewing machine to good use. It's time for some craft works.

I need a brighter kitchen if only I can have it expanded further. The counter space is just not enough for me.

And lastly, I need a livelier service balcony. I am thinking of how to incorporate it and turn it into a ironing corner as well. Placing the iron board permanently in the walkway behind the TV console is very unglamarous but very convenient.

Today the paint contractor just popped by to take a look at our house. Hope the quote will be within our budget.

And did I ever mentioned that IF budget is not an issue, we would love to get rid of the tiles in the hall too and have it fully cemented? Just like how my cousin did to her house. I just love her place so much.

Above to target to complete before Chinese New Year. I hope. I want.

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