Part-time help

Oct 12, 2011

Finally I have succumbed to hiring a part-time help. I think weekends are far too precious to waste doing houseworks and neglecting the kids.

I usually will spend the early part of the day doing houseworks during the weekends so that the girls can have a peaceful nap in the noon while I prepare for Keira's dinner. And then it's play time or bonding time in the later part of the day.

And Kerri is most of the time comfortable playing in her jumperoo while Keira will play on her own when I'm doing the houseworks.

However, things are getting bad now. Work is taking a toll on me. And each day when we reach home, I will be so deadbeat that I don't wish to touch any work. Time will pass very fast by the time we got home and in a blink of eyes, it's bed time for them.

Houseworks are forever piling up and I am sick of the untidy sight at home. I think it will be worth to spend a bit of money to get the extra help in exchange for more time with the kids.

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