Oct 19, 2011

Just when I thought we have finally settled down and leading a normal life here in SG after returning back since 15 months ago, I am being asked to make another major big decision which of course Hubby will have the final say. Yes he is asked to return back to States next May. It's just another 7 months more to go. 

He is saying he will think about it but wish me to give him my own opinion. This time round the decision is not an easy one to make considering we have 2 young kids with us. Not just the 2 of us leaving here.
I need to consider their education this time. Keira will just be 3 yrs old short of 1 month when we leave for States next May. Kerri will be 16 months old by then. Both will be of suitable age to attend the schools there. Much as I like their education system, I will be worrying about their mother tongue as well. 
Well yes even though they have a Chinese teacher appointed from SG but she only teach Primary school and onwards if I am not wrong.

Considering how their both side of grandparents will be missing another 2 years of their toddler time. How we need to pack up the entire house. Going through the house rent out again. Starting our life once more there with them. I seriously wonder whether I can cope. 

Fear is the only word I have in mind. I feel I won't have the enough courage to attempt another time not since the 1st time that I went despite I was heavily pregnant with Keira. It's tough to act strong and pretend to be very independent. But I guess I managed to bluff myself through in that 15 months there. 

Anyway, I think I will still go ahead with our home makeover despite this sudden abruption to our plans.

We will see how it goes from here. I am too tired to think properly. I need to head off to bed.

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