Exploding wardrobe

Nov 15, 2011

My little wardrobe is bursting. They are in serious need of 'slimming' down. I felt that I no longer has the capability to squeeze into those skin tight camisoles without the risk of muffin top over spill.

People who knows that I am a mother of two will always exclaimed how fortunate I am but in real fact, I have a flabby tummy like any mummies out there. I don't have the luxury of squeezing into low waist jeans without having to pull the jeans up nicely to hide the bulge when I am trying to sit down. Now I just simply loves wearing dresses. Any kind. I would feel so carefree without the hassle of wearing the muffin top. Screw you. I hope to get rid of you one day some time. You just wait.

So I guess I need to start clearing the wardrobe to welcome new additions soon. Or maybe I just need a bigger wardrobe. How can a lady ever have enough of wardrobe space??

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