Weekly happenings

Dec 11, 2011

1. My dearest cousin has setup a design firm with his partners. He is finally fulfilling his dream and I am so happy for him. His office is under work in progress. Can't wait to see it.

2. Kerri is starting to point around to tell us what she want or want us to see. And I thought she is trying to pronounce '没有' in Chinese while hand-signing it.

3. Keira is in the stage where she like to ask why this why that. And she loves to say neh neh boo boo so very often.

4. Had settled Kerri's birthday party decor. And I can't wait to start the project.

5. Going for another stay at MBS this month. Yeah!

6. We had a great time over the weekend and time seem to pass so fast!

7. Hubby and I discussed some of our future plans and it's getting exciting.

8. Keira and I had fun making jellies on a very early Sunday morning. And she is so proud of her 'fishes swimming in the water'

9. I think I found a new hobby. Jelly making. I have so much inspirations in making them now.


Sheena Ang said...

How did you make that swimming fishes jelly?????!!!

If it is not too complex, teach me please!

I'd like to try out many cooking projects with my kids next year :D

Phyllis said...

It's very easy! Get a packet of agar agar powder.. I got the Swallow brand in white (no colors). Cook as per instructed but please don't add the recommended sugar content. I use 200g for 1 packet and feel maybe 180g will be just nice.

For the fish, I made it from the ice mold from Ikea. Scoop whatever amount of agar agar liquid which you would need into the mold. Put in fridge for like 10-15 mins preferably to ready get it harden.

Then once the fishes are done, put them into small containers, set nicely and pour the 'water' with maybe blue colorings or whatever you like in.

Put back into fridge again and it should be done within half an hr. Very fast and easy!

Sheena Ang said...


I will try it out with my kids once they are settled in school!They are so going to love it because they are madly in love with fishes right now. Can't wait!