Bella Pizza @ Robertson Quay

Feb 26, 2012

We went downtown to meet up with Hubby after his lesson on Saturday evening with no idea for dinner literally. So I was casually asking Keira what would she like to have for dinner and she suggested pizza.

So I thought okay pizza it shall be. James and Rebecca joined us too. Head to Bella Pizza since I have been hearing all good the food was.

We ordered a bottle of Masi red wine. I had quite a bit of that cause it's pretty good. The food was surprisingly good. It didn't disappoint us a bit.

We had a pizza pollo (chicken with avocado), pizza salmone (smoked salmon), seafood pasta and carbonara pasta with bacon. All tasted real delicious. Keira ate quite a fair bit of the seafood pasta and pizza pollo. She used to reject tomato base.

Price was pretty okay for 4 considering we had a bottle and 2 tiramisu to end the satisfied dinner.

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