Kiddos @ 31 & 12 months old

Feb 5, 2012

Keira amazed me with singing Chinese lullabies over the weekend.

She said 放屁 instead of fart when someone passes gas.

She is so into books lately that she will be extremely happy even if I just brought along one of her books in the car to our dinner.

She will pretend she know how to read and read it on her own. She will make up the stories as it goes as she can't remember the whole story most of the time.

Peppa pig is her latest favorite character. We were having Macdonald's when she wanted to have a piece of meat from the hubby's palate. Hubby said it's spicy as he had added pepper and then she goes 'oh pepper uh. Peppa pig uh'.

Come Kerri. She had a fever that refused to go away for almost 5 days. And on Saturday, there were red spots and bumps on her body and face. Both our mothers said it's due to the body passing toxic from the fever that cause it and it's no big deal. Thankfully it was gone by the following day.

Her bottom 2 more pearlies have sprouted out. Maybe they are the cause of the fever.

She has been so fidgety that it's almost impossible to keep her still for 10 minutes. She want to walk but she can't even stand properly.

She fought with the Jie Jie several times over the week when she just got slightly better. She regained her energy. You should have see her listless self when she's down with the fever. It hurts to see her like that.

And slowly our family is on the road to recovery. I really need that but I wonder how long it can last.

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