Kiddos @ 32 months & 13 months

Feb 21, 2012


She has become rather good in talking these few days. She can point to Keira and say Jie Jie. She can pronounce papa and mama very well. I like the way she says popo with some light air at the end of the word.

She loves to wriggle her body whenever she hear her favorite music.

She will ask you to carry her and instruct you to bring her to the kitchen where she will point to almost everything and says mum mum. She seems to be consistently hungry.

Finally, my baby is able to cruise around more steadily and she is able to sit up from a crawling position swiftly now.

No one in the family can really resists her cheeky smile whenever we try to be mad at her. Not even Keira. She smiles when she sees Kerri giving us the squeaky eyes look.

No. Sibling rivalry is still not getting any better but at least there is some slight improvement.

Edit: and oh yes, she seem to take a liking to books too now. Each morning when she wakes up, I will leave her at the playarea with the stack of books. And recently, I discovered that she will always pick Eric Carle's Polar bear polar bear what do you hear and flip to the peacock page and keep staring at it.

So note to self, I would better introduce her to Chinese books too soon.


She's getting good in coloring and taken a liking in singing Chinese songs very much. Actually all kind of songs whichever she can remember.

I am getting her into doing some tracing exercises at home. Just bought a pile of exercise books for her to practice yesterday at Popular bookshop.

She is almost 90cm tall now. I cannot imagine she outgrowing me years later.

She accepted salmon when I cooked some for her the other day. I remembered she used to hate it. And I was really glad that she finished quite a big chunk on her palette. I had it marinated with herbs and lemon. Perhaps that's why the taste maybe more adventurous for her.

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