Our Dailies

Feb 19, 2012

1. My current favorite photo of the girls.

2. A friend came up to me and said she stumbled upon my blog on one fine day and have been following since then. It's always nice to know who my silent readers are. :)

3. Had a homemade bee hoon kueh dinner and it's nice to see everyone enjoying their dinner. Now my kitchen smell so garlicky.

4. My top and base coat went missing. I couldn't locate them anywhere in the house. Where oh where? Thinking maybe it's Keira's doing.

5. I am happy that my friend's cakes are so well-received by others. Seeing how her dream is taking place step by step makes me feel so glad for her.

6. I am still thinking to perm my hair or not. I don't wish to make a deadly decision and can't salvage it since apparently the salons in MH are always questionable IMHO.

7. I'm still excited about my plan. Hopefully it's not a 三分钟热度. Jia you! Did some research and I am even more spur on.

Ok it's another OSIM (oh shit it's Monday) tomorrow. Heading to bed. Nights world.

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