Role playing

Feb 5, 2012

It's hard to be taking up several roles all at one time.

Just last Thursday I had dinner at my ex-president's house when hubby called and said Keira is missing you a lot and she's sobbing at one corner in the hall.

And then half an hour later I was swift home by the hubby. Argh.... I hardly socialize now or should I said rarely. But I was glad that we made home earlier as Kerri was still feeling not too good from the fever.

And 2 hours after the dinner, I was home in my nighties, put Kerri to sleep and reading bedtime stories to Keira.

But it all ended well eventually.

Tonight we will be having another dinner with all counterparts from 4 different countries and I hope I can make it home earlier to tuck them to sleep in time.

Soon soon... I will have a role lesser to play. The worker bee. And I really want to focus all my attention to catch up with their developments and learning progress and of course the bonding time once again.

The other day during a dinner with my cousins, my pre-schooler educator cousin monitored about my behavior with Keira. And that leave a deep impression on me. Yes. I am not consistent enough.

Sometimes for the convenience sake and the peace, I do give in. Perhaps more often that it should be.

I want to change this. Real bad. The line between being the best friend to my children and a discipline figure is quite thin.

Well at least we can getting somewhere. It's never too late to be sorry. Right?

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