Tuesday evening

Feb 28, 2012

Keira is sick again!! Fever, cough and flu just can't get away from her. In order to let her catch more sleep, I left her at my mum's place for the night. It's been a long time since she spent a night there and as expected, she was wailing for me to bring her back.

I couldn't bring her back as she was too clingy and whiny and Kerri is having a running nose as well. Felt so bad to leave her there. But no choice. Hubby is having his lesson tonight. I definitely need an extra helping hand.

So got home at around 8 and plonked Kerri to bed within 5 minutes. I think the medication took effect on her.

And for mummy here, I feel sick too but I can't. Decided not to self-pity and did an hour of cleaning and finally I'm done.

Sitting on the couch now and looking around the house. I am telling myself. Happy packing soon. Damn it. I don't wish to face it.

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