Guangzhou oh Guangzhou

Mar 18, 2012

I would never expect myself to pluck the courage to just head off to China just like that. Of course, thanks to Hubby who is willing to come along to this trip with me. We have heard so much happening tales in China that to be frank, it freaks me out a bit.

Just on the first day, the local Singaporean was supposed to show up at 10am at the airport to pick us up but he mistaken the date and he gave us instructions how to take the coach bus to the meet up point. And I didn't even do much research on the province as nothing totally really appeals to me. We just hopped on the bus after purchasing the ticket at RMB33. And everything was a history.

Basically, this has been a very knowledgeable trip and one that I will never forget. And I am so proud of myself in taking this 1st step to fulfilling my long-life goal. Never stop dreaming!

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