The kiddos @ 33 months and 14 months old

Mar 25, 2012

She never fails to amaze me every single day. The way she speaks, the way she analyze things and the way she observe something.

Took them for their flu influenza jabs last Tuesday and surprisingly, Keira did not cry at all. I could see she nearly but we kept saying encouraging words to her that she held back. Braver than I can imagine.

Yesterday she was looking at my old photos and commented 'mummy, why you look so young?'. The hubby gave me a 'what does she know by young' look. I was taken aback. I casually replied back that it was taken a few years back.

Lately I have noticed she will take the initiative to pay Kerri or just to 'sayang' her by kissing her feet or touching we head. Then Kerri will be giving her a 'cannot believe it' look, acknowledged and smiled. It all happened too fast for me to capture that moment.

She's obsess with a book I recently got for her about human body. She will explain to people how her poo poo will pass through the throat, to the stomach and finally come out from buttock. Lol. She loves her facts.


She loves singing and humming along. She will try to sing out the last word of the sentence. Especially twinkle little star & the ant goes marching.

I find that she has develop a more adventurous taste bud. She no longer likes plain bread or crackers. She will prefer them to have jam or butter to go along. She dislike blunt food. So now her meal time is getting even more challenging.

She is still cruising around but not so afraid to fall anymore. Her guts has also become bigger. She dare to snatch Keira's toys away and when Keira screams, she will either quickly scurried away or hurry return back the things to her. She still has fear of Keira when she become angry. Haha.

The girls

When we were away, my mum actually managed to get the kids sleep at 8 or 7.30 (earliest) and both of them can actually sleep till the next morning 7am. Oh my god, it's like magic. That's the ideal sleeping time and hours that sleep expert recommends. I think it impossible for me frankly.

So when we return, I try to bring their bedtime closer to 8 but time forbids, by the time we got home, it's usually already 7.30pm.

Perhaps we can start in the States soon. Consistency.

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