Lonesome Monday

Mar 12, 2012

Keira is staying over at my mum's place tonight. She wants her to get a good sleep. She always manage to get her to bed at 8 and sleep all the way till 7plus or later.

The hubby is doing duty tonight and my dear Kerri is asleep too. The house is too quiet.

We will be leaving for Guangzhou on Wed and it will be our first time ever to be apart from the kiddos. I can't bear to do that.

I am telling myself we won't have the chance to be selfish until few yrs later.
So it's okay. I hope my mum can survive with them for these 4 days.

Nothing to watch on tv at all. I guess I will just go ahead and do my laundry and pack a bit before we fly off.

It's really a boring night.

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