Chores day!

Apr 18, 2012

Without the girls at home, I managed to vacuum/mop, give the bathrooms a good scrub, dismantle/clean fans, had the aircon units serviced, threw away the empty plastic detergent bottles that I have accumulating for months now and change our bedsheets!

Talk about efficiency. I timed myself and race against the washing machine which I set for 3 hours. And I still have an hour left to relax and blog!

All I left is the stupid pile of clothes on my recliner which is almost the same height as me. Hee!!

I hate folding clothes more than anything else. I think you heard that not once.

Carton boxes will be coming soon and I will be busy packing most of the time. It's also a good time to de-clutter if thinking on the positive side.

Toys to give away and clothes to donate away. More washing to be done so that I can pack away those winter clothes. I bet they smell by now.

Sidetrack: I still think the short trench cost that I got in Guangzhou for $40SGD which is so Kate Spade was my best winter clothes purchase ever.

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