Keira's smelly pillow and Potty training in the house.

Apr 17, 2012

The Smelly Pillow (Keira @ 33rd month)

For those who know her well, her smelly pillow is all the world to her. So when she got back home from school yesterday, she actually left her pillow in the school bag which my dad drove off after dropping her. I didn't panic. I thought to myself this may actually be the perfect timing to let her wean off from it. 

So when night came, she was asking for her pillow. I explained to her that she had left it in grandpa's car and we will get it back from him tomorrow. I told her to hug her Melody pillow instead. It's the big long beanie which I lugged it back from Guangzhou during the previous trip. She said fine.

So it was bedtime. She had difficulty falling asleep. She keep rolling over the bed. I told her to stop. I need to sleep. She said she's tired. I said then sleep. I guess she was still feeling uneasy without her pillow. I handed her the Melody beanie and she dozed off shortly. The night went off well. 

This may be a good start. And it's time to. She's turning 3 in 2 months' time. She really need to.

Potty Training

Yesterday, halfway through her dinner, she stood up. It's a sign she need to go poo. She said no no no. She don't want me to look at her. She's trying to get it out. I said do you need to poo? She said no. Then I kept looking at her expression. She used a paper to cover her face. She said 'no, mummy. Don't look at me'. I said 'I know you want to poo. Let's go to the potty.' She kept quiet. And said 'ok mummy, I want to use the potty.' And she really did.

She's more vocal in expressing she wants to either poo or pee lately. It's a good sign. I feel sometimes the more I want to learn something, the more she will not do it. So I really completely let it go recently on this potty training. You want to go, you go. You don't want, fine. And I think this method actually suits us. 

Now for Kerri, she will make the whining sound whenever she wants to poo. So it's easy for me to catch it. Then when I bring her to the potty, she will let out a big gassy sound and out come the poo. I am quite proud of her sometimes. 

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