Shop alone

Apr 12, 2012

Yesterday I took the chance to go and get some parting gifts for my team while Kerri was sent to my mil's place with Keira at my mum's.

Walking under the tunnel towards United Square with the busker singing some jazz music makes the walk kind of surreal. The kind of moments that I used to take it for granted are so rare now.

I have the idea to those hand made hard candies in jars for quite a while. It was either baking or an easy way. I thought I don't wish to overrate myself.
And I'm glad I did. They look oh so yummy and cute.

After getting them, I couldn't resist myself by popping into ELC and toysrus to see their toys. I know I have been complaining on the mountain of toys they had and how I had to painstakingly try to put them away in order each night. Yet, I can't help to get them a toy or 2.

Well it was just a water gun thingy that I got for Keira on our upcoming port Dickson trip. The water camera will finally comes into handy. Yes the one which I thought was ideal for hubby's diving turns out to be just an amateur one which can't go any deeper than like 15 meters or so. Lousy!

After which, I had dinner on my own at Marutama which I think their ramen is no way as good as before. The tamago was disappointing. Yolk was too runny than usual. Sad.

After dinner, I was off to pick Keira up and we had a blast before bedtime doing some planking exercise. Man, it's not easy at all. It's really time to get my body back in action.

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