Virgin horse ride for Keira

Apr 8, 2012

What supposed to be our usual Sunday brunch outing turns out otherwise. We headed off to Bukit Timah Saddle Club initially to have our brunch. Because the wait takes quite a while, we decided to walk around the area. Keira said she wants to try the horse ride and seem very excited.

I thought why not let her have fun. So we paid up, waited for our turn and shortly after, the horse for her which was named Rosie returned back. She was all fine when we put on the helmet until they try to carry her up on to the horse that she burst. Just a short outburst when I assured I will hold onto her.

And the rest was history. She was clearly enjoying the ride while the horsey is galloping away. She looked so suave on it. Before this trip, I actually told hubby my intention to enroll her for the riding lessons when we return from States. The riding gear is naturally cheaper over there than here.

We will see about that. And while Keira was enjoying her ride, Kerri was all excited trying to touch the horse and squealing in delights. I guess she has her share of fun too.

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