How much worse can it gets?

May 12, 2012

I was almost on the verge of pulling my hair out today. Keira had diarrhea since last evening and seems to get worse today. Her valva is really red and sore from all these. It's not helping when she don't even allow me to apply diaper cream at that area.

I couldn't bring her to see the doc in the morning as it's difficult for me to bring Kerri along. So I thought perhaps let her have a good rest maybe she will gets better. But it doesn't seem so.

So after their nap, I left Kerri with MIL and went to a few clinics. But all were closed for the day or will not open until 7pm. Hence I decided to bring Keira over to my mum's place and cook her dinner.

By the time we are done and seen the doc, it's already 8pm. Reached home about 10pm after dinner with my parents. When we got home, I gave Keira a simple shower to cleanse her valva and within half an hour later, she screamed 'tummyache tummyache'. No matter what I did, it was obviously not helping at all.

Please get well soon, dear Keira. This is the first time ever that you contracted diarrhea and it seems to hit you real hard.

Anyway, finally after having the 1000th time diarrhea, she was totally knocked out. As I am typing this entry, she is soundly asleep beside me.

How's that for Mother's day eve alone with the 2 kids at home huh?

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