Journey back to Mountain Home 回到山家的路程

May 29, 2012

The flight was a tough one. The 1st and last connecting flights were okay except from Narita to Portland which was about 12 hours journey. I hardly catch any sleep. Was totally zombified at Portland. Thankfully, the girls were so tired that Kerri was practically dozing off while I was baby-bjorning her. I had a great 1 hour sleep during our last connecting flight.


And so as I'm typing this, I am having instant noodles with Keira having her strawberry juice. It's 1.57am here now. Both of us are wide awake. Keira especially. She napped from Portland flight back to Mountain home. A total of good 5 hours. During this period, we have already ran so many errands and she's totally undisturbed by the shifting and moving around. Hubby was tired out and soundly asleep.

现在时间是1.57am. 我在吃泡面而琦璇在喝果汁。睡了5个钟头她精神好得很。

10pm. I put Kerri to sleep on the bed. First time since she took to spring cot when she's few months old.


Edit: ok so Kerri woke up at 4am and Keira went back to sleep at 5am.


The girls were so excited with the bathtub that they insisted to get in and waited patiently while I fill up the tub.


View from our temporary lodging. Facing the playground. It was 8.35pm and still very bright.

从我们的兵营住所的厨房望外看。晚上8.35pm 还这么亮。

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