The Perfect Crossbody/Satchel Bag

May 18, 2012

Lately, this is something that I have been looking around for. The perfect cross body bag that can carry me through all seasons and at all times and still look good with the diaper bag.

1. Of course, top on the list, is the Chanel New Mini A65050 in red seems to have discontinued and anyway I would chose a caviar for this for the heavy duty usage. Due to its rarity and its hefty price tag, I can only dream on.

2. Next up is the PS1 pouch. I'm actually eyeing on the midnight blue. It's cheaper in US than in SG that's for sure. It's got a ragged look to it which it is ideal for daily use.

3. Mini Alexa in Oak. I adore the medium size but I don't think I will be using them so very often.

Any of the above will definitely make me a happy person. :)

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