The girls @ 35 months & 16 months old.

Jun 6, 2012

The girls have finally overcame their jet lag when I dragged them out of the house for the past few days. We had no choice. We have errands to run. So right now they seem to have adjusted themselves to the time here. Remember how I worried about Kerri's sleeping issue without the spring cot here. Well, she seems to fare way better than I thought. If only our shipment can arrive sooner, I can sleep train them in their own room.


I am slowly putting up their bathroom together in jungle theme. They will sure have blast during their bath time. I have got a potty for them with ladder steps from Amazon. Keira will ask to go pass motion in the potty. I am crossing my fingers that she can be potty trained before school starts in August. But this seems to be a bit difficult for Kerri still. I am waiting for the traditional plastic red potty in the shipment to arrive for her.


At the moment, they do not have much activities at home with me. Reason being obvious. We are just the perfect match I guess. They are irritating and I am irritable. Our days just seem to pass this way. The fights and shouts and the quarrels. Oh man. Sometimes I will just throw them in the bathtub and this alone can give me at least half an hour of peace. You do this kind of things when you are really desperate.


Kerri is picking up more words now on speech development but no sign of walking yet. But she has been pushing those carton boxes around the house as an aid to assist in her walking. She can play on that for quite sometime all by herself.


Some photos throughout the week.


Keira took this pic of us in our new car.

This is our new car. Kia Sedona. It's a minivan. I am going to drive this to send the girls to school. Hope I can tame this beast.

Kerri playing at our backyard.

Kerri with Reuben at Corin's place. Cheeky kids.

The new car seems comfortable enough.

Planking on the floor. Her fav position when she's tired of asking to be carried. 

At BX. Waiting for Popeye's.

The girls & Khloe. Kerri was trying to plunge a kiss on Khloe here.

Fabulous blue sky

Keira took this while she sat on the kitchen counter. I thought we looked all okay except for a little shaky.

This is how she walks around the house.

Having fun wearing Daddy's beret.

Our Wednesday dinner. The girls love it.

Countdown: 102 weeks to go!
倒数:102 星期!


Couz Xin!! said...

The girls are so adorable!! Elwin and I have been following your posts regularly to get updates of u and family!! More photos pls!! hahahhaha!

Phyllis said...

Wow thanks for your support! haha... Shall update soon... :)