Kerri @ 17 months old

Jun 28, 2012

Today is our 1 month mark in Mountain Home and this is also the month which I see a significant improvement both in Kerri's speech and physical development. Much as I dislike coming here, I am still rather thankful for the time that I get to spend with both of them. This in a way which I truly can watch them grow closely. Anyway, this is going to be a lengthy post as I am pretty sure I have been slacking on their updates till now.


Walking (major milestone) 她会走路了。

I never actually worry on her walking ability. She does cruise but is afraid of walking. I think she really decided to walk when we went over to friends' place for gathering and that's where she sees all those kids walking and trotting around. Eventually, she walks from like 8-10 steps to a longer distance and finally, walking all around the house like she suddenly discover this special ability of her own and totally in love with it.

Whenever I declare that we are going out, she will walk to the shoe closet and said 'wear shoes'. And she does pick the shoes she want to wear. Sometimes the squeaky shoes that we got from SG or  the sneaker we bought for her here.

I am enjoying her newfound ability too as it means I can carry my favorite bag and not worrying to keep having the need to carry her using the Baby Bjorn. I think I can finally say 'bye bye' to it. It has definitely serve me well and I do not agree a bit in getting it.


Speech 语言

Whenever she see balloons, she will pronounce it as 'boon'. She still is working hard on her 2 syllabus.

I have been teaching her on the various parts of the face and she can now point and name eye, nose and mouth. She is having a bit of struggle with ear.

When it's time to head out, I will say let's go and she will totally repeat after me. And said let's go. Go go go!

She called her Aunty Becca as 'Becca'!!!! It's hilarious whenever she call her that.

She loves to come to me and said '什么'? Like when I'm calling her name, she will walk to me and said 什么? Sometimes without looking, I will think it's Keira who is talking to me. Seriously.

跌倒 is another of her favorite word. She will purposely throw her doll away and said oh oh 跌倒.

She asked for 'ssue' (tissue) when she wants to clean something or she sneezes.

She goes 'See You' when she waves to people.


Complain queen 投诉皇后

She will come to me whenever Keira hit or push her. She will show where she is hurt and point me to the crime scene and point to Jie Jie. Of course, Keira will deny it all the time. And she will want a hug or a kiss on the head. Quite an attention seeker she is.


Separation anxiety 

Past 2 weeks, I have realized her separation anxiety is getting worse. I used to be able to leave her in the bathtub and tending to my chores but lately, whenever i leave out of her sight. She will cry. She wants my company. Even if I need to go downstairs to make her milk, she will go to the door and keep banging and cry.

This got me worried on how she will starts schooling.


The Socialite 交际花

Contrary to the separation anxiety, she does very well in mixing around with strangers. Perhaps when I am around with her at least. She loves to walk up to them and show off her widest smile. She really loves those attention and being cooed.


Little helper 小帮手

She listens to instructions clearly and execute them really nicely. For e.g, she will lay her pacifier and pillow all over the house. And I really hate looking around for them when she wants them. So I will instruct her to pick up the tutu and pillow and put it somewhere. She will really do it and put them nicely too.


The organizer 

I realized she has a habit of picking similar items or colors and line them up. This is exactly what Keira used to do when she was her age. I think it's something about the sorting that makes them feel satisfied.


Food lover (self-feeder)

The title explains it all. Our meal time drives me crazy sometimes really. It does lighten my burden when she feeds herself and she will finish a whole bowl of whatever food I gave her. But on the other hand, oh the mess she makes.


She loves to give cuddles and just plonk herself onto your laps when you are on the floor. Such a grown up baby now she is.

On the disciplinary side, I have been trying the 1-2-3 method on both Keira and Kerri. Still working hard on Keira but Kerri, she totally gets it. When I want her to stop doing something, I just look at her and said do you want to go to the room? The room is referring to the store room under the staircase. It's their time out room. She knows. Sometimes she will stop when I said that. Other times she will push it. When she does that, I will say 1, 2 and usually it works most of the time.. She will stop whatever she is doing and keep quiet.

Overall, she's been quite a champ except for being rather clingy lately. When she knows she did something wrong, she will try to hide her face and peep at you. And will give you the most innocent look. This, my baby, does not work all the time you know but it still does sometimes.

Savoring all the moments I have with them even though I have been complaining as well how tiring all these is for me. Mental and physical stress.

But it's all worth it at the end of the day.

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