So far so good?

Jun 20, 2012

Been meaning to blog but it's either I'm too tired each night or I would rather spend some time to catch up with my Taiwan drama. Life's like that over here. We sort of have a routine now that we are more or less settled down. I have been driving more often now. Confidence is building up slowly once more. I better start preparing for my theory and practical test and get my license by next month.

So better pinned down some updates from the past weeks.

2 weekends ago, we drove to Boise in our new car for the first time. Finally. It's a good car I must say. The girls love the 15" built-in tv. This will definitely be spoiling them I know but I don't turn on that for them all the time unless it's a long drive with just the 3 of us. I think this must be the first time that I dressed the girls almost identical. They look kind of cute.

Brought the girls to our favorite Indian restaurant, Madhuban, for lunch buffet. Kids below 8 eat for free. The girls love the food there. Keira even commented she likes everything there and wants to go back for more.

The railway summer fair was back and we went after we returned back from Boise. The evening was cold hence we didn't stay put for too long which made Keira rather upset. The weather is just crazy  here. 

Grinde's for breakfast the next morning and the girls are suckers for bacon. Oh man. They are like wow.. this stuff is good and kept munching away. Watch out for those sodium levels, girls!

Visited the new library/post office in the new all-in-one center on Friday. A far cry from the old library that we went before with their 1980s interior design and musky carpet smell. We are loving it. And the best part is we can borrow up to 30 books for 2 weeks. How good is that. Of course, it's crazy with 30 books. My friend had helped me signed up for some reading activities for Keira next Thursday. Hope she will like it.

On good days, I will bring the girls out to the playground and then I will regret shortly after because the sun gets scorching hot and then they will refuse to go back because they thought they only just starting to enjoy themselves.

We attended the half yearly piss up last Saturday at the Gunfighters' club. Had a great time chatting up with the other wives and dear Chris did an impromptu photo shoot for me and the girls while the daddy is having his poker games.

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