Summer sky at 3pm. 夏天的天空 3点钟。

Jun 5, 2012

We have officially moved in to our new house. It is a 2 storey semi-detached with a nice small backyard.


The view from our dining area faces the backyard. The sky has been looking very beautiful. So blue until it can take your breath away.


But our house is still so empty except for the mattress and a sofa.


Thankfully, we found one last weekend KIA Sedona it is. A MPV which will serve us well for daily runs and road trips. Hubby went to collect the car yesterday and it is huge. Like a van. Got to get use to driving it.

幸好上周末我们买到车了。是KIA Sedona。昨天坤仔去取了车。好像货车似的。得习惯架才行。

Dropped by our old house and wild grasses and flowers growing around. Abandoned street. Definitely brings back a lot of memories. How we used to walk to one another's houses for gatherings and meet ups. Really how a kampong is like. The kind of cosy/close knit friendship we had.


School is starting for Keira in August and it's 2 more months to go. Hopefully school is good for her.


Anyway it's been one week since we are here. 2 years will be over pretty soon I'm sure and I'm already counting down.


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