Kerri @ 18 months old 十八个月的琦媛

Jul 26, 2012

So what do we have here this month? 这个月有什么呢?

Well, she has learnt how to say please whenever she wants to ask for something. She can form a 4 words sentences now but when she can't seem to try to put her point across, she will just anyhow babble. No one can gets it. When she wants something from Keira and Keira passed to her, she will say thank you to her.


She seems more interested in books lately too. Sometimes I will find herself sitting in the corner near the play area going through all the books which of course ended up in a big mess. She is my little helper. I will asked for her help to throw away their diapers or put away toys/books. She will gladly obliged.


She gives hugs generously on younger children and will always try to 'sayang' them. But her temper is also getting worse. When she's mad, she will throw things away and then trying to peek whether she is going to get a scolding anytime soon. Or she likes to act angry and then peek at that person and grin at him/her afterwards. How cheeky she is.


Sometimes when we have impromptu guests over, we tends to sleep a bit later. And when they left, she will keep pointing upstairs and said '睡觉‘. Few minutes later after her milk feed, she will zonked off. But she will insist me to lie down with her together. 


She loves to go out and is always the first person to ask for the shoes to be put on or the first to wait at the door to dash out. 


She is still afraid of the slopes but not the swimming pool or the playground slide. How weird. If she encounters any slopes, she will try to climb on fours and slowly go down them.


Next week, we will be off for our first family road trip with Kerri to Vancouver and Seattle. I'm having jitters on whether she or rather they can behave for the 11 hours ride up to Vancouver.


*Crossing fingers*

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