On Fire着火了

Jul 10, 2012

So I have been smelling smoke the whole day thinking where it's from. You see we do not have a TV yet and we are quite lagging behind on any current news. Went to the MH news website to see and it's indeed there's a fire and a rather serious one.


This weather is really no good. I pity the Hub and the guys who need to work out there in this kind of weather. I am sure these few days we got to be confined at home since Keira is still nursing her fever.


Shoo bad weather. Give me back Spring anytime now. I won't complain.

Direct translation using Google translate.

Mountain Home的一个快速移动的范围火东,促使执法人员,以扩大其疏散为了家园和其他北镇在星期一晚上的餐馆和企业。
其中疏散令受影响的地区包括试点服务站和Hampton Inn酒店,当火焰达到出口95日下午07:35左右




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