Schoenhut 25 Key Traditional Spinet

Jul 13, 2012

I have spent months and months thinking hard what to get for Keira's 3rd birthday present. Finally, we decided on this spinet. I couldn't decide what color to get at first and dragged until I saw them having a big $50 discount off the original price that I just placed the order immediately for the red one. It's a 25-key well still not a very proper piano but I think for kids her age or Kerri's age. This should be good enough.

I got her this highly recommended Alfred's Basic Piano Library Prep course for the young beginner. Knowing organ and piano are 2 different kind of musical instruments, I think I better prep myself up first before teaching Keira properly. 

And also this A-B-C key stickers to be pasted on the keyboard since I do not think she is still able to read notes at this age. It's still good for her to get started somewhere. 

Let's see how this will goes. I hope this can train her to be more patient.

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