Living the American way

Aug 25, 2012

I am officially a school run mum now. It's so unreal u know. I never would imagine myself to be one in America at least. Buckling up the kids, sending the big sister to school, back home, cook lunch and before I know it, we are buckling ourselves up to go pick up the big sister once again is my everyday routine now.

I have to wake up at 6.45 or 7am every morning instead of the usual 8 plus which I have shamelessly been enjoying with the kids during the 2 months summer break. Not used to it yet.

Kerri is also suffering from this new routine. Poor her she can only get a bit of catnap here and there in the car but I think she's getting used to it now. Which kid doesn't like having Sesame street to doze off with? She can almost sing the entire Elmo song now. Nah nah nah is how she start instead of la la la.

And I would never imagine too I will be driving the monster out all by myself. At least I keep telling myself it's better to be slow than sorry. I follow the speed limit strictly. Nothing can distract me. I make sure the kids get what they want and are comfortable in their seats before I set off. Sometimes accident do happen like when they drop something or they want to change a video disc, I will just let them whine and cry all they want till we reach our destinations safely.

*Note to self: I need to spruce up my parking skill.

Anyway, so Keira is adapting pretty well to her new school. She looks forward to going every morning. Each time before I leave her, she will always remember to give me a good tight hug and few kisses before bidding goodbye. She screams in delight whenever I pick her up. It's heartwarming to know that my elder one is becoming more sensible now.

Kerri will always look forward when we are leaving the house to pick Keira up. She will asked 'Where Jie Jie? School? Go!' Ha. Then when the 2 sisters see
each other, they will keep calling each other out. :)

Today I was a bit late in picking her up as I went school visiting with my friend,I couldn't find Keira at the usual playground. I entered the door and she was asking Ms Christy in such a nicely manner whether she can have a drink. I couldn't believe it and I can't help grinning to myself either.

Keira will be attending dancing classes in 2 weeks time and I have got her 2 leotards and 1 rights. She will surely look so lovely in them. Since I didn't have a chance to take up dancing before, I really hope she will enjoy it like how I would like too.

Up next I have to plan for Kerri's learning and I think we may already have an answer. I like what we saw in the other Montessori school and she enjoyed herself thoroughly with one of the teacher when the principal gave us a tour of the school.

I think she may be ready for it at least I think so. The school gave me a very good impression with their attention to the smallest details. But mummy here isn't that ready to send the little one to school yet. Maybe we shall see when she turns 2. I still would love to keep her by my side as long as I can for now.

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