Kerri @ 19 months old

Sep 9, 2012

Looking back, it was definitely the most challenging stage of my life. With a 1 month old baby and a 19 month demanding toddler, life couldn't get any tougher. Especially when I'm handling both of them myself, boy, it's hell break loose may I say that. But I have managed to succeed. I couldn't be anymore proud of myself. It was definitely a rocky journey for me.

The girls @ 19 months

Speech development

I was reading back at Keira's progress at 19 months old and can't help to think Kerri is a little advance in this aspect than Keira. Of course, she has her jie jie to thank since Keira loves to talk a lot at home. 

She can now says 'please' and 'thank you' whenever she want to ask for something without prompting. She can counts 1-6 and when lead by us, she can count to 10. Whenever she wants me to stay with her to read or play to her, she will shout 'mummy, come come' and then lead me by holding on to my hands to where she want. 

She say 'more, please' when she want to have more crackers or cereal. And she loves to call her 'Popo' to say good night to her and 'chit chat' with her even though grandma can't understand like 60% of the time. She will yak all the way on her own leaving no chance for others to interrupt.

The other day, she picked up a book of Keira's favorite character, Peppa Pig and walked towards Hubby shouting Peppa Pig. We were surprised. That's her first time saying that. 

Last night, when Keira is heading upstairs for bed, she actually said 'jie jie, wait for me'. That's quite a handful, isn't it?


Give her a bowl of cereal, she can really whipped it up cleanly. She dislike to be feed now. And I think she, like Keira, is more a noodle lover than rice lover. She can finish a bowl of udon together with Keira at the Japanese restaurant. Give them noodle anytime, they will be very happy. 


She's still clocking slightly less than the recommended 14 hours of sleep per day. Usually, she will be knocked out by 9.30pm to 10pm then wake up for 1 milk feeding till 7+ or 8am latest. Follow by a 2-3 hours nap in the afternoon. Of course, having a regular schedule is better than not. I do not wish to mess up their schedules to compromise with my social life. I can always have it back when they are more grown up. 

Overall, she's quite an easy child except she can be rather attention seeking sometimes. But when Keira is away in school, Kerri suddenly become the independent baby in the house. She don't need me so often and will be quietly sitting in a corner reading her books or playing by herself. It's really my relaxing time in the morning. Hopefully she will continue to strive in any other ways and be a happy child always.

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