Summer is ending soon.

Sep 6, 2012

The weather has been turning chilly lately. Fall is coming. That marks summer is coming to an end pretty soon. Less than a month. The guys will be setting off to Alaska pretty soon. I'm dreading that. I hope I can cope well with the kids at home all by myself. Anyway, some photo updates from the past weeks.

Love tying little pigtails nowadays. Getting more vain, this little child of mine.
They love their plush toys very much.
Us 3 before bedtime. Kerri is getting better at posing lately.
Setting off to attend Janelle's full month birthday party at Boise.

Having a ride at friend's trike at Hot air balloon show at Ann Morrison Park last Saturday.
Him with Mickey
Me with Mickey. 
Field fun at Sand Dunes Observatory while daddy is doing fishing.

Cereal time
Cheeky Kerri sitting on the doll stroller
The girls enjoying themselves at the playhouse at Shiok chinese restaurant. Under an apple tree too.
Sunset at Ann Morrison Park
The bright orange moon while on our way back from fishing at Sand Dunes. It's fiery and huge too.
Ba zhang aka rice dumpling. First attempt.
Korean beef bulgogi. I had the leftover the following day with a fried egg and some gogunchang sauce. Taste almost like bipimba.
Lotus root with peanut soup
Tri-color egg with spinach. It's easier than I thought.
Kung Pao Chicken

Yesterday was not really a good day. It was quite overwhelming for me and I was really pretty upset over a lot of things. Thank God yesterday was yesterday. I have decided to let go of yesterday and feel more positive and fresh today. Right. 

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