Kerri @ 20 months old

Oct 2, 2012

This little girl is getting quite affectionate lately. She will shower me with kisses and hugs whenever she's in the mood. Sometimes she will say love you too. It melts my heart at times like this.

She's really into reading lately like a lot. Sometimes I can find her sitting on my recliner reading to herself. When Keira and me are lying on the bed having one or two bedtime stories, she will retrieve her own books and cosy up with us. More often too cosy that Keira and me will feel so squishy.

She's quite into block playing lately and can really concentrate well. She will choose the same size and stack them accordingly.

She loves to doodle. Yes it's a good thing. But not to the extend, doodling on the floor or on the walls. Thankfully, all the colors are washable. But still she will get an earful from us for doing that. She will run away very quickly when she sense something amiss. It's not surprising to hear her getting a scolding from her sister too for doing that.

And I come to realize she's the messiest one in the family. She can mess up the whole play area each time after I clean up. The living hall really can be like a war zone sometimes. But when being asked, she will gladly keep her toys too.

Lately, she loves to carry a stool around to see what I am up to in the kitchen. When I ask Keira to help me crack an egg, she will want to try. When I am done with a dish and ask Keira to smell, she will squeeze her way through and say smell smell.

Nowadays whenever she get into some kind of distress or need me, she will shout 'help help, mummy!'. Since she has been having a runny nose, I hear this quite often everyday. Then she will say 'eeks, ga ga (creature)! Ssue Ssue (meaning tissue paper)'

She used to say thank you to Keira whenever she hand her something or share with her toys. Now she say thank you a lot.

We were at Paul's the other day getting some pork liver after picking up Keira from school. When at the cashier, an old lady behind us started to strike a conversation and follow by the cashier and the old man in front of us. And not long after, we form quite a crowd. Them asking about our whereabouts and gushing on how cute the kids are. Man, you should see Kerri. She's really enjoying all the attention.

Life will be really different without her and of course Keira in our life. I'm so grateful for everything I have now. Thank you god.

Eating is still largely her favorite activity.
While at the hospital to see the PD for the girls' runny nose.

Having her pancakes at Mac.

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