Sick Keira

Oct 17, 2012

It had been a rough 2 days. With Keira returning from school with a stomach virus. She have been puking and having diarrhea for the past 2 days. She has minimal appetite and just want to lie down the whole time. Last night, she came down with a fever. It kept ranging from 38-39 degree. I didn't sleep well the entire night. Waking up almost every hour to check on her temperature. She do not want sponging or take her medicine. I can only pray she will get well. She asked for milk in the middle of the night and I gave it to her. But shortly after, she vomited everything out again.

Thankfully, her fever subsided in the morning. She's now fine except vomit a bit of fluid again. Even her favorite iPad, she show not much interest. I am hoping she will get well soon. She look simply so weak and tired.

And it's also during this period, I realized how much I have been loved by others. With friends popping by, showing concern, bringing me food, I couldn't ask for more. Not forgetting Kerri who is rather sensible, helping me whenever I need when Keira vomits by doing the tiniest thing like fetching toilet papers or towels or water for the big sister.

We all miss the daddy so much. It's 2 nights away and I know we can pull it through.

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