Halloween 2012 (edited post)

Nov 6, 2012

So what should descendants of Buccaneers dress up as during Halloween? Pirates of course! Got them these outfits from Walmart.com for just $22 for 2 sets. Isn't that a deal? We really had a good time going around the neighborhood from dusk to night. Thank god, the weather that day was great too. 

Sister love

Looking all swag!

In the beginning, the girls were not too sure what to do until I said just go and take candies when you see them in the buckets on the front porch. In a short while, they are all good to go on their hunt.

Hey, wait up!

Ok, where should we start?

Looking a little lost here.

Throughout Kerri was a little slow and will always fall back in the group, Keira (being the sweet sister) will take a share for her and then ask her to drop it into her own bucket. I think that's so sweet of her.


Enjoying her fruit of labor.

And a great family photo taken by Chris at the Halloween party we had at a friend's place.

Say cheese!

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