March Recap

Apr 1, 2013

March was a good month for us. Weather turning gorgeous and now the girls get to go out to play after their naps. They are truly excited with this change of season. No more cooping up at home all day.

We went for a 3 days road-trip up to Utah during the Spring break. Visited the Living Planet Aquarium and Ikea. Popped by Ocean Mart (asian supermarket) to stock up on groceries and then shopping at the outlet. It was a pleasant trip with the 2 girls being rather well-behaved. I shall post this road-trip in a separate post.

Kerri had some slight flu after we got back from Utah and that's because she kept refusing to wear her jacket. It didn't help that it was snowing so heavily on the 1st day we were there. The snow literally kept blowing into your face. But all's well, she's getting better now. 

Last Sunday, we spent our Easter evening fishing at Sand Dunes when the girls made 2 new friends. The weather was gorgeous and I cannot believe it's been almost 10 months that we are here. Time flies. 

I have some plans for Keira's birthday celebration. The hubby will be away for another TDY and I think we will probably be spending her celebration in a park with a picnic without the daddy around. The highlight of the celebration will be hiring ponies for the kids to ride on. Stumbled upon this idea when I was reading up the classified. Hopefully, Keira will get a good and unforgettable surprise birthday celebration. 

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