Keira @ 45 months and Kerri @ 26 months old

Apr 15, 2013

I am constantly reminding myself to carry on penning their monthly progress in this blog but think I have been failing in doing so. Anyhow, there are so much things to update that I can't even put them to words all at once.

Right, let's get straight to the point. How about the big sister first?

Keira is at 45 months old now, she's 99cm tall weighing at 13.5kg and being a pre-schooler, I have slowly observed that she's getting more patient and able to show signs of caring towards the sister. It's not very obvious but there's really some slight improvement. Just like how she will give Kerri a hug and a peck on her forehead each morning when I drop Kerri off in school first. She will ask her not to cry and behave herself and then when Kerri wants to hug more, she will say 'ok ok enough now shoo shoo. See you later.'

She still loves attending school and her chinese lessons. Never need to have me worry about her not completing her assignments on time. She will always ask to do it the first thing we get home. She understand her chinese strokes, how to count the strokes and the '单字' that she learn in every lessons.

Even when I am watching movies with chinese subtitles, she is able to catch the words that she had learnt before. This also indirectly influence Kerri to have an interest in chinese too.

It makes me feel the 'every night before bedtime' readings for the past are all worth it.

The two sisters can even sit down and share a book while Keira is pretending to read to her. They enjoyed their music class a lot. Kerri can't wait to participate along her each time they are doing something. Keira knows her solfege quite well by listening and she can use 3 fingers to play on the piano. But she still need to work on how to read the notes. Kerri knows a little too and she loves to imitate how the music teacher will always sing 'Treble clef treble clef tells me notes are higher' and then goes... 'Bass clef bass clef tells me notes are lower'.. and go very very low in her voice. It's hilarious.

Now 26 months old Kerri is measuring at 86cm and weighing 11.4kg. Just went to the pedi last week for her 24 months checkup. She's striving well for her age and BMI is in the healthy range. Doc requested me to switch to low fat milk for the girls. He quoted partly because most of the american kids are on the heavier side so this is their recommendation. And well, since we are here, it's naturally we follow suit I suppose.

One small milestone of Kerri is that she's able to spell her name! But she's always missing out one 'R'. Previously all she knows is Keira's name because Keira keep spelling her name all day until I told her it's time for her to learn her own. And since then, whenever I ask for her name, she will say K.. E.. R... I! Kerri!. Ha...
These few nights, Kerri succeeded in going to sleep without her pacifier and pillow. She really sleep with one palm under her face and just dozed off. But many a times, she will wake up screaming for them. Argh.. but at least she is cutting down on them during the day time.

Now the energy of the 2 girls combine is really getting too much for me to handle. I pray for strength and patience. Really need them right now.

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Hey, I chanced upon your blog, read up about your entries. I envy you for being able to go MH. My husband has the chance to go yet he doesn't want to go because he says he has to work 12 hours daily there and its a boring place. Just wondering is it true? I envy you so much =(