April to June recaps

Jul 9, 2013

I have been drafting this entry for so freaking long that I decided enough is enough and that I better post now or else I think I may as well just do a yearly recap. But at least I have my FB posts to look back on if shall I forgot about something and my monthly photo upkeeps to refresh my failing memory.


The girls started to attend their summer camp on Monday now that the almost 2 weeks short break is over. The daddy, who just came back from Florida like less than 2 months ago, is flying off for Canada this Saturday again for another 2 weeks. Well at least, it's Summer soon, I reckon I can bring the girls out more often and do some craft activities at home.

They attended their last day of music lesson in the 'More Music in Me' class last Thursday and had a mini recital. They were at their most best behavior for the longest time which I couldn't quite believe myself. Keira performed quite steadily for her recital and Kerri just sat beside quietly the entire time when she played. Not a single sound or fuss.

I will be starting Keira on a trial lesson for violin this coming Thursday and she seems very excited. She's the one who requested me to send her to the lesson and whenever she has a chance, she will make herself into one of the empty studio and touch the violin discreetly.

I have booked a farm stay in Kuna, Boise for Keira's 4th birthday. It's an hour and a half drive away from us. I think the idea of waking up to those farm animals will definitely thrill them.

And so we came back from our Yellowstone trip which happened last week, it was a good trip and we got to see many bisons and elks but not one grizzly bear. What a shame. We didn't even manage to cover Yellowstone yet alone to say find time to visit Grand Teton. And I think for my dad, as a nature lover, he will definitely love that place.


Then towards the end of May, the girls had their last day of school BBQ party in their school respectively but we missed out on Kerri's because we set off for Yellowstone on that day. It's a pity. I don't think she will get to attend one next year as we will probably be back in SG.

Keira's school held a mini Mother's Day celebration for all the mummies.

Our air tickets to Hawaii in August have been booked! It's about SG$500+ (return) per pax but considering how expensive it must be to fly in from Singapore. We think it's still quite a deal. I can't wait to head for the beach and the sand. Really!


In April, the girls had their art shows but the daddy, unfortunately, missed out on both due to his work stint. I think they both did a rather good job and I can definitely see improvement in their skills.

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