Keira @ 56 months & Kerri @ 37 months

Feb 23, 2014

Another achievement unlocked!

The girls have been sleeping together by themselves for the past 2 weeks. I thought it's almost impossible with Kerri still being so insecure in the night.

The first few nights Kerri will cry and cry until I woke up and shifted to their room and sleep with her. But by the 4th night, I wa surprised I actually slept throughout the night and awoke in my own bed! I couldn't believe it. 

So 2 weeks have passed now. I'm glad they are keeping it up. Even though we will be moving back to sg in less than 3 months and all four of us will be staying in a same room again but I'm still glad we have managed to achieve this nonetheless.

Keira was doing fantastic since the first night with just extra requests for a few hugs and kisses. And she's all good. So proud of her. 

Today we caught Lego movie. Our second movie as a family and we all enjoyed it. Only Kerri was not too keen and kept asking are we ready to go. I guess she's probably still too young to really enjoy or understand a movie properly. 

In less than 6 days, we will be flying off to Miami. I can't help feeling anxious and excited. Our first maiden cruise. Yes that include even the parents here. How lame. Haha. 

No internet, no phone calls, no nothing. It's going to be one amazing family bonding trip. 

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