Tick Tock… Home Ground Soon!

Apr 17, 2014

Fooling around after our vow renewal ceremony in Vegas.

It's all about packing and packing these past few weeks. I hardly spend enough time with the children recently. I know I don't work well in the night so I try to squeeze all the packing and houseworks in the day when they are at school. And most of the time, I will turn on the macbook and do some surfing and reading while having breakfast which in turns will lead to like 1 hour wasted away. I have to break this habit.

Anyway, life's been good so far. I cannot believe we are officially left with 22 days here in MH. It will be a rat race once we return home. So many plans. I need to sit down and think. The important things in my life. What do I want most with my life? No matter what the future will lies for us, I know God's good. He will take care of us somehow.

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