Keira @ 60 months old & Kerri @ 41 months old

Jun 28, 2014

Here they are wearing the Mexican dresses that I got from Cozumel, Mexico.
Loving the bright colors and the detailed embroidery on the dress.

Hello peeps! It's been almost 7 weeks since we came back. Life has been good so far except...

The girls have been sick for the last 2 weeks. They are down with upset tummy and fever that stubbornly refused to wear off. And well you may think they are missing school during this period, it's quite the contrary. Each morning when they wake up, they will asked to have their temperature measured. Eagerly asking if they are having fever. They have been telling me how noisy the school is, how rowdy the children are, how the teachers will raise their voices at them and etc. Initially I thought they shouldn't be having much problem since Keira attended the same school before we left for the States but it doesn't seem so.

Well anyway, today I attended their 'Meet the Parents' session. Not much academically was touched on since they joined the school less than a month but the teachers were pretty impressed with their high independence and maturity as compared to other kids. I'm quite pleased to hear that given the experience that they had back in Idaho really did some good to them.

I guess we all can use a bit of time to settle down and adapt ourselves to this 'once so familiar yet distant' environment.

Hoping for a good July to welcome us! Oh how I yearn to have a short getaway from the kids and weather.

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