Our Maiden Cruise on Disney Wonder to the Caribbean (Day 1)

Jun 28, 2014

So March was an exciting month for us. Our whole family's maiden cruise on the magical Disney Wonder. This is also our 1st time stepping on the East Coast even though we have lived in the States for almost 4 years. I booked the whole family to a 5-night Western Caribbean Cruise with stopover 2 nights respectively at Cozumel, Mexico and Disney's very own private island, Castaway Cay.

The flight journey from Idaho to Miami, Florida took us 16 hours. A whole 16 hours. With multiple disconnected flights, we basically were in an amazing race. Chasing after our flights all the time and arrived in Florida in the wee hours with 1 luggage missing. And to add, we are boarding the cruise the following day at 11am. This got me so frustrated and made me almost want to cry out by the time we reached the hotel. Well, in the end, the luggage somehow or rather managed to send to me half an hour before the cruise departs at 5pm. Indeed a close shave.

Who other than Mickey himself to welcome us onboard Disney Cruise? 
In our 1 large porthole stateroom. The kids were so excited with their bunk beds.
The stateroom as you can see from the photo is actually pretty small. If we were to choose the stateroom with verandah, it will be more expensive but I feel there's no need for that because we really wanted to have a feel living in a cabin. At this point, pretty much I do not have much mood to photo shoot because it's already like 2pm and my luggage is still not delivered from the airport.

After unpacking our only luggage and with everyone washed up, we were ready to grab some bites. Everything is free onboard. Well almost except liquor of course and the merchandiser.

After a whole day whirlwind flight chasing, we finally got to have a decent lunch onboard the cruise. Unlimited buffet.  Check the yellow wristband on Keira's hand. That's the band to enter the kids' club. You just got to scan it whenever you enter or leave the place. Pretty cool right?

The little sister couldn't wait any longer to dig into the dessert. 

Beautiful Port of Miami
After the safety drill briefing.
And while we were doing the safety drill briefing, the cruise started to sail off slowly as well. I was worried sick whether my luggage did send to me on time. And thankfully, it did. I was told half an hour before the cruise departs, they managed to make it in time. Major phew!

Hanging around and exploring the cruise.
Finally, we got to have our shower and a change of clean clothing before we made our way to our dinner. 4 course dinner that is to say. You should know by now why we were totally spoilt for the following 4 nights.

Our first 4-course dinner.
We just couldn't believe we were actually on the Disney cruise on the first night. Everything was so magical. And trust me, if the adults can get excited over all these, what say the kids? I have to say they are the luckiest kids on earth.

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