Well hello there....

Jul 23, 2016

Well yes. I still remember this little space here. I cannot believe that it's been 8 years since my 1st published post. I was being reminded by someone so dear that I should not be forsaking this blog and should bring it to life.

Work has slowly taking over a big part of my life now. I hope to keep this up. It seems so much easier when the girls were both small. No matter how tired I was from work, we still seem to have plenty of time to spend together. Now weekends to me are so dear that I just want to spend all the time with them as I can.

Life's not been easy on us lately. I have to say. But I believe god will provides. We just need some signs and guidances to tide us through this period.

2015. I will see you soon!

Dec 31, 2014

In a few hours, we will be ushering into year 2015.

For the past week, apart from the terrific christmas celebration at my cousin's place and the arrival of our family friend's first newborn, we hear nothing but upsetting news. It's a difficult time but I believe everyone will be able to make through this tough journey. We have to keep believing and stay positive. Yes. Miracles can happen.

Cheers to a great year ahead!


Keira @ 5y2mo & Kerri @ 3y7mo

Aug 19, 2014

August is coming to an end and this marks my holidays are ending soon too. I will be returning to workforce next week. Seriously, now I can't bear the thought of not being the one to send the girls to school and not being the one to pick them up! 

On the positive side, they are slowly turning into those independent little people that we have wish them to be. This week, I have came up with a morning routine chart for them. I think having a routine chart will make their mornings more organized and able to use their time efficiently. 

For example, some mornings when they wake up, they like to take out their toys and play with them for a while or when my mum is watching the morning news, they will ask to switch to children's channel. And of course, one thing lead to another. By the time, it's time to leave the house. They are going to miss their breakfast in school. 

So for each task that they have checked, a heart stamp will be rewarded. There are 5 tasks all together; have breakfast (usually just milk because they will have more breakfast in school), brush teeth, wash face, brush hair and dress up. So once all 5 tasks are completed, they will have 5 heart stamps which will equals to 1 big star. Once 10 stars are being accumulated, they will get to have a reward. I think so far, they are doing pretty good. 

I will see how this routine chart progresses and perhaps I should come up with a night routine chart as well. Our night routine schedule is no longer as fixed as before partly because I think it's due to living under one roof with a big family now. 

Yesterday, the hub and I went out for chilling in the afternoon. I talked about my ex-colleague who has a daughter who is in P1 this year and how stress out she was and stuff like that. Keira is 5 years old this year and other than music lessons, she's not attending any other enrichment classes at all. This got the 'kiasu' side of me freaking out. I told the hub about my anxiety and we both came to a conclusion. No enrichment classes for them until they reach P1 that's to say. We decided they have to learn how to adapt to the life in Primary school before we can determine what are their weak points and tweak from there. I think he made some sense too. We want them to have a happy childhood and not one that is full of stress and pressure. We think results though matter but as long as they are trying their best, we should not ask for more. What we can is to provide them with a good head start in a good primary school, the rest is up to them.

Just like Kerri, till date, she can write her alphabets but when being prompt from A to Z, she can never tell me the right answers. I know she do not like sitting in structured lessons so I never force her to sit down and do her learning. And I think this works. Lately, she's been taking out her pen and paper to practice writing more often than before. Although I think her drawing and color skills excel way better than her alphabet learning but it's totally fine with me. Life is really just not about ABCs. Her teacher has feedback that she's been catching up pretty fast in school and her motor skills is the best in her class.  And she has a very good nurturing character towards those younger children. 

Last week, on one particular day, Keira's teacher, Mrs Tan, asked me if I do phonics at home with Keira. I said no. We only do reading and drawing a lot at home. She said now Keira's is one of the best in her class for able to piece the letters together to form word reading and she really improve a lot ever since she feedback to me. I said I thought it's her who did a great job with her in the school since I have noticed that she learned how to read more new words than before too. But whatever it is, she's really doing a very good job. She is one child who will work to improve herself when being pointed on her weakness. To me, she is always that special child and one who I am really proud of. She is going to start her violin lessons this week with a private tutor and I can tell she's excited about it. This girl really miss her music lessons a lot. 

I shall mark the end of this post with a pretty picture of the girls in their National Day party outfit in school. Love them so much!